Lion Capital is a consumer-focused investor passionate about investing in brands about which people are passionate. True brands offer consumers a differentiated, desirable experience for which they are prepared to pay a premium, giving those brands a superior position from which to drive their business activities. We embrace the power of brands, seek them out in our personal lives and have developed a unique understanding of how to translate the potential of a true brand into growth and superior financial performance. This merging of our professional and personal passions has formed the heart of an investment strategy through which we have owned over 100 unique consumer brands. We are a global business, with a focus on Europe and North America. Offices in London and Los Angeles keep us close to these markets and position us to capture attractive investment opportunities that emerge.


Our focused strategy of investing only in consumer businesses gives us insight, credibility and advantages. We have spent the balance of our professional careers focused on this industry, and as a result, we speak the same language as consumer business owners and managers, giving us credibility with these key constituents and access to an extensive network on their terms. We further draw on experiences with our current and past companies to operate with the knowledge and vision of an industrial player. We see potential and develop strategic angles for businesses that others don’t, and use our credibility, insight and small team of decision-makers to move with speed and conviction in pursuit of new opportunities.

How we partner

We lead our businesses from the front. Winning in today’s competitive and fast-moving marketplace necessitates pushing boundaries and finding innovative ways to deliver differentiated, exceptional experiences to consumers. Against this objective, we ensure that our companies have the best management talent to execute the vision that we develop in a collaborative partnership, but we never forget that the responsibility for successful outcomes in our companies rests with us.

How we drive growth

We look for brands with untapped potential that we can unlock. We invest behind the embers of brand equity that have not been fully exploited and draw on our expertise and experience to drive forward-looking change within our companies in the pursuit of superior financial performance. Our strategies often include geographic expansion, category extension, product innovation or operating improvements. We have learned from years of experience that the critical levers for success are different for each of our companies and require a blend of art and science.