The Team

Lion Capital was founded in 2004 by Lyndon Lea and Robert Darwent, who have been investing equity capital in Europe since the early 1990s. The Firm’s founders have built a cohesive team of consumer-focused executives with a depth of experience and breadth of capability investing in and operating consumer businesses that Lion believes is unmatched by other investment firms.

Lion’s senior leadership brings over 160 years of collective experience to the Firm’s activities and has been responsible for the investment of over €6 billion of equity capital in more than 40 companies. Lion believes that the diversity of experience and skills amongst the Firm’s senior executives, combined with its strong ethos of collegial decision-making and the integration of executives with operating experience throughout the sourcing, execution and management of the Firm’s portfolio companies make Lion Capital a uniquely specialised and effective investment manager.

Lion’s management of its investment activities from a single office in each of Europe (London) and North America (Los Angeles) is a critical component of the Firm’s strategy. From a single office on each continent, Lion is better able to harness and share critical knowledge and learning across its team through real-time, informal communication on matters such as new investment ideas, industry developments, active transactions and portfolio company strategies.

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